Episode 5: Heart LIke War interview

July 13, 2016

Jim 1340 interviews David Camarena of punk band Heart Like War.


Episode 4: Havok Interview

April 5, 2016

Jim 1340 interviews Colorado's rising stars of thrash metal, Havok on the Dystopia World Tour. 


Episode 3: 1340mag Roundtable 01

November 10, 2015

Jim and Rob discuss some of their favorite releases reviewed at 1340mag in the past month.  This is our first attempt, so be prepared for Skype oddities, text notifications, and the sound of someone washing dishes in the background.  All audio samples used in this podcast are for the purpose of critique and comment only, and as such are used in compliance with fair use. 


Episode 2:Indie Lives Matter Part 2, interview with Brian Lowit of Lovitt Records

October 20, 2015

Rob interviews Brian Lowit of Lovitt Records.  Brian plays 3 song that he feels define his label. 


Episode 1: Indie LIves Matter Part 1, interview with Justion Pearson of 3.One.G Records

September 17, 2015

While major record labels may be the moneymakers of the music industry, indies are its heart and soul.  Rob1340 talks to Justin Pearson, founder of 3.One.G Records about what it's like being an indie label, and how 3.One.G weathered the digital revolution.